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Spam the fish

Postby Fish » 13.05.2009, 22:30

feel free to spam the fish , the only admin who is online 24/7
i have a lot to take care of whit admin on the servers, some feel i am to hard, i feel i do what i have to do to make the servers flamers free...

what do YOU think ?

shall i resign ?
shall keep doing my job ?
shall i smoke a joint and chill out ?

I like open TTD
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Re: Spam the fish

Postby dh2k3 » 16.05.2009, 22:10

shall i resign ? <-- NO

shall keep doing my job ? <-- YES

shall i smoke a joint and chill out ? <-- only if you want to die quicker from lung cancer :P
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Re: Spam the fish

Postby Admin » 18.05.2009, 00:14

hum well at last you should not join other companys. I wonder about these 2 postings. The IPs are at last from different IP-arrays. Sadly Gruzzz is stopped posting.

I think it was only a very short time where you had to join other people to stop them from blocking. Since you, fish, have the rcon pw there is no use for joining other companys.

And even in the time before you got the rcon pw it was only for very few and certain cases wher ppl perma-refuse to unblock or dont get it.

Fish its important that you dont do such things again if you did them. Speedy was in opposite to Kurt always a more free server. Mainly you should only react on rule-violations if they very signifficanlty influence the outcome of the game or if someone aks for an admin to help/wants help after you offered help.

I dont like kicking people for flaming.
1.: Flaming is an unsure term (I already got accused for "flaming" at some times yet, cause I was chatting too fast for the admin... and I was not spamming, all messages had content & meaning)

2. there are other terms to kick people for (although I dont think you should do that if its not needed): Spamming (if EXESSIVE = about 0,3-1 msg / s) and Insulting (also only if massive. it is ok to say like "oh you sucker/fucker/ass/pisser stole my connection", as long as it is not overdone.). As far as I remember rasco and me did not want a server where people who are exessive or fast chatting to be accused for flaming or kicked/banned or where people get kicked/banned cause they said a "acceptable" not too unfriendly insult. Yes its many new discussions opening what is acceptable and what not... I think that has to be decided from case to case. Minor offences should not be "punished" in any way. The admin system shall also not be used to "punish" people in revenge. Its meant to stop people from rule-violating and prevent them from repeating that if thats needed.

I think expecially those shooter servers where people are not allowed to swear are totally MAD. Killing, murdering and violence is ok as long as you dont swear? That is bullshit.
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Re: Spam the fish

Postby Brumm » 24.05.2009, 11:02

like in reallife: there will be destructive ingame companys, destructive gamers and always a little group who owns 'em anyway. elitegamers need no help from admins :>
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