Bships Graveyard

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Bships Graveyard

Postby WacraftSA » 18.06.2014, 22:26

It is so sad to see this. A thriving community let to rot in neglect.

There were so many that cared about this game, if you didn't, at least you could have handed it over to someone.

I hope there is no serious trouble in any of your lives, and you have chosen to do this in your own free will.

Best regards,

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Re: Bships Graveyard

Postby kill the floor » 03.07.2014, 23:24

all games end eventually if left without anyone developing and making profit of it.

this game had a special place in my heart [*]
kill the floor
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Re: Bships Graveyard

Postby knight_9 » 07.07.2014, 01:45

I couldn't care less if they dont give a shit about it......
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