Abusive behavior ,buy/sell for wast money intentional feed

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Abusive behavior ,buy/sell for wast money intentional feed

Postby baboulinator » 30.08.2013, 01:49

Hi everybody

I created this thread , cuz im really bored about abusive behavior , wasting voluntarily game of everybody

the player named "tryevenharder" , during the game #4582 , didnt stopped flamming , insult , sell weapons in harbour , and buy and sell to make us dive.

we tryed to give him tips at start but he didnt cared and was playing solo , farming

farming and play alone is ok.

But waste the empire money , insult , flame and intentional feed are really something mad , cuz 1 player wast the game of everybody

Its horrible to wait 30mn for a game , and get it destroyed by a noob ragekid during 55mn

he died 26 time , gave enemies 20k loot and was rly happy to do it to the end of game

he obviously didnt wanted to surrend or peace , to wast the most time possible

In the interest of all , this kind of player should be perma ip banned

I think that many good players are gone because of theses abusive behaviors , time wasting , so plz , put him away from real players

he is not here to take pleasure to play , but to take pleasure to destroy the games of others

Thx for reading

http://www.wc3bs.com/index.php?_=league ... 10,g=39617
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Re: Abusive behavior ,buy/sell for wast money intentional f

Postby el-trickser » 30.08.2013, 15:30

best is if you always post a replay file with it, so people can check it
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Re: Abusive behavior ,buy/sell for wast money intentional f

Postby Electro.Freak » 30.08.2013, 18:38

Did you try to kick him?

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