Clan 13s channel

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Clan 13s channel

Postby lvbrokilla » 29.12.2012, 15:26

US east channel, Clan 13s, is restricted. Tried to join to run/whois to aid in finding shuffle games and can't. Perhaps i'm mistaken when I read the FAQ on finding games a little faster.

Side note: I know the bot refreshes, but the Bships games just lack a presence in the lobby. I suspect this is a big reason we don't get as much participation. Newbie or not, 50-60 more avid players would make for round the clock play.
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Re: Clan 13s channel

Postby Ze.Fir. » 12.01.2013, 16:58

Well the clan is just inactive, we should remake an active clan for every realm that doesn't have any active clan. If some people are on West an wanna make a new Bships clan, I'm not against helping to create it.
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Re: Clan 13s channel

Postby Say_No_to_War » 31.01.2013, 15:26

Well the gamelist is kinda death-spammed and blizzard will never fix it I think...
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