please bring back the league games

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please bring back the league games

Postby kill the floor » 13.08.2012, 20:34

where you have to be qualified to join, I can't be the only one tired of these noob games...
the only way to have a good game right now is to have 8 good people online and ready to play at the same time and create a clan game, which is nearly impossible
Every game I play is either bashing noobs or being bashed because I have 3 noobs on my team.
Doesnt anyone miss old league games?
kill the floor
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Re: please bring back the league games

Postby el-trickser » 13.08.2012, 21:00

i sure do
but with the current community its nearly impossible i guess
and about clan games, clan SOS is always up for a game, only no one dares to play us
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