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new kick

Postby a_big_jackass » 01.08.2012, 18:47

I normally do like the new kick format however just played a game with an afk player for at end probably 30 minutes or so with the other team not voting yes so we never kicked pretty lame....
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Re: new kick

Postby el-trickser » 01.08.2012, 19:56

got posted already
there shouldn't be yes of other team for afk kick
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Re: new kick

Postby BattleTurtle » 20.02.2013, 14:54

I would just like to add that the insane amount of points lost for trying to kick someone is really lame, because some players feed the other team on purpose because their friend is on it and such, and they're not afk so trying to kick them and the other team will vote "no" so they can keep getting free kills, while the people trying to get a fair game by using -kick lose lots and lots of points.
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