Another Admin abuse...

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Re: Another Admin abuse...

Postby Wan.Taz » 06.09.2012, 12:10

1. For trickser: Prove his ABUSE of !end command. this should b easy since ull c that in replays. If u bothered to read the admin rules u should have seen that we can use the end command in certain game bugs or some other cases which i wont even write here since theyr r displayed elsewhere on the forum.
2. For me: yes i used the abort command many a times. And again when i used them it was for organising a team game between 4v4 players. naturally if one pub comes ill use abort and wait for the teams to b made up.
3. For over 5 mins? u gotta b kidding. Why not say 20min.. it sounds better
4. Do u have a grudge coz u have been muted/banned etc? Seems to b this
5. And the forum is here since years. u could have posted the screenshots/replays or whatever when they occured. not after atleast 1 month or so
6. Recap: BACK YOUR CLAIMS WITH PROOF or stop wasting our times
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Re: Another Admin abuse...

Postby el-trickser » 06.09.2012, 13:50

lol someones mad again
its right that i used the end command but that's now already a month ago and that was cause of bugs and most players even wanted to test
and i only did that in about 2 public games ( and a couple of testing games with no public players)
and we only kick people from lobby or abort the countdown if we have a 3v3v or 4v4 clan game and we even wait for a new game to join
but if someone joins then we tell them to leave and wait a few minutes cause we have a clangame there

and why don't you show your real name? you scared?
you shouldn't come here and abuse people of stuff without even having any proof

i never end games just because i am losing or kick players to get no kick counter
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