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Here an FAQ to the league:

Qualify & Autoban
Q: How to find the league games?
A: There are some ways to see the league-games:
- Type "/whois battle-ships" to see the current Qualify gamename
- Type "/whois nopasaran.de" to see the current Ranked(Shuffle) gamename
- Type "/whois cf.wc3bs.com" to see the current Team-League gamename
- Go to a channel where the apm.bot is and say "?games". The bot is in Europe in channel Clan BoaT, in US-East in Clan 13s, in US-West in Clan TOHS and in Asia in Clan DODO.

Q: Why can't I join the League or Ranked games?
A: This is usually because either:
- You are not qualified (Stayrate over 80%, 1 win and 5 games are needed on the bot: battle-ships)
- You don't have the current version of Battleships Crossfire: get it from here
- You are automatically or manually banned

Q: How do I qualify?
A: To be qualifyed you must qualify by playing on the bot battle-ships:
- Stayrate at minimum 80% AND
- Wins: 1 or more AND
- Games played: 5 or more

Q: How do I get automatically banned?
A: If your stayrate is too low you get automatically banned:
- less then 35% stay in 3 rounds OR
- less then 50% stay in 5 rounds OR
- less then 70% stay in 10 rounds.

Points & Scores
Q: Why do i have more games then wins + loses + draws + leaves?
A: This is because disconnects which are not a lag out are not counted as leaves, wins, lose or draw. If you drop because of an desync it was most commonly not caused by you and therefore the game is for you not regarded by the points. Desycs at the end usually dont matter if its not a tie (e.g. 4 players and 2 drop => all 4 get kicked for desync).

Q: I did not leave but have a leave?
A: This is most commonly because you lagged out. A lag out is regarded as a leave because otherwise everyone could just plug out the cable and lag out instead of leaving (aka "plugger"). Therefore the leavereason "lagged out (dropped by vote)" is counted as a leave. Consider using the reconnect tool to reduce such drops.

Q: Why do I sometimes get alot of points and in other games only less points?
A: The points system in shuffle and team-league gives a pro team winning against a noobteam alot less points then if a noobteam wins against a proteam. If the average team-points are equal both teams get medium points. Try to find equal enemys to get alot of points for each game. Scroll down in the league-scores to see more informations about this.

Q: I get kicked from games but I am qualified. OR: I got no points for a game. When I click on my name in the scores of the game I am not seeing my profile. Why?
A: This means you have not been spoofchecked. The bot always spoofchecks you over the normal battle.net command "/whois username". If you are on /away, on /dnd or if the bot got a flooding message as answer (too many commands send to battle.net from the bot in a short time) it can not spoofcheck you. You can always check if the automatic spoofcheck was sucessfull by using the "!checkme" command. You can always spoofcheck manually over "/w botname s", this means in the league: "/w cf.wc3bs.com s" (teamleague) or "/w nopasaran.de s" (ranked shuffle).
If you use the reconnect tool then please set your lan-name to the same as the battle-net account you use (otherwise you risk a desync at endgame - which can lead to 0 points for that game).

The reconnect tool
Q: How to use the reconnect tool?
A: Just download, extract, configure and start it. Read the readme if you have questions. Have no fear to enter your cd-key there. Its used by many dota players and I tesed it myself with 2 different keysets and noone exept me uses them yet. You may not be logged in in warcraft at the same time because blizzard only supports one log in for each cd key at once. The reconnect tool is mostly a chatbot which moves games from the battlenet to your lan-game area. Just look in the readme to see how to use it. Say /public to see public games or /game gn to see games in lan.

Q: Where to get the reconnect tool?
A: Look here.

Q: The reconnect tool is not working.
A: Look here and download and install the visual basic runtime libary.

Q: I have other problems with the reconnect tool.
A: Read the readme and install notes, configure the cfg or look in the official forum of varlocks reconnect tool for help.
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