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Fascist America

Postby the_13ud_god » 10.06.2011, 17:55

Today America began its sharpest decline into the Fascist state it has been becoming for years. On the tails of the Bilderberg Meeting, Hillary Clinton began to seek the offices of the World Bank, the biggest one. Yes at the end of Bilderberg 2011 Hilary Clinton has apparently been tapped to become president of the World Bank. The pieces begin to fall into place do they not?
On top of that, Alabama has joined the list of states that have instituted draconic immigration legislation, but this piece of legislation takes the cake by FAR. Alabama’s new law makes it legal for the authoritarians to detain and arrest individuals SUSPECTED of being illegal. Further if you are suspected of housing or concealing an illegal immigrant you guilty under this law.
This is not an exaggeration, and civil liberties activists have been warning about since SB 1070 in Arizona was drafted by the private Prison Lobby. Some will call me a conspiracy theorist, but I remind you that a theory it relative to the level of possibility presented when a debate is put forward. To this I can say the evidence is all around us.
Does History repeat itself? Perhaps. Mussolini said he preferred the term Corporatist to the term Fascist. Furthermore Mussolini didn’t have a problem with Jews that were Italian, as long as they became Italian. What’s interesting about this is those supporting immigration reform that includes incarceration say the same thing, “We don’t have a problem with immigrants, as long as they are American.” Interesting argument isn’t it? When Hitler came to power he had a few things working for him. He had a nation that was in substantial debt, and a group of people to blame it on. As such, he could easily begin a war, and make money doing it. Then when the cost of the war became extreme, he had a scapegoat, the Jews.
Now I ask you to look at America and ask yourself, “What has happened?” America has begun wars in three countries, officially less, and unofficially probably more. While these wars wage on and on, Americas debt continues to rise, because of federal outsourcing. Traditionally a war saves an Economy, but not this one, because manufacturing is happening elsewhere. As a result the needed manpower is diminishing. Yet one Lobby group has gained more power and money than any other in this endeavor, and surprisingly it isn’t the military industrial complex. It is the Private Prison Lobby.
Incarceration for Income is the latest fad in American Economic endeavors. Truly it’s a page from Schindler’s List. While many have said I am exaggerating, ask yourself, “If a person can be arrested on suspicion of being illegally present, where will they go when incarcerated?” The answer is obvious, to a private prison. Why, because public prisons are all but non-existent and for the most part full. America has the highest prison population of ANY country in the world, mostly due to the private prisons lobbying to criminalize everything they can think of.
What happens in a private prison?
While everyday life is probably as deplorable as prison life should be, that is certainly not the point. Prisoners in these facilities are slaves. Working under contracts signed by the Prison Company (generally GEO, CCA, or Wakenhut which are all the same company)for $.50 an hour. These prisoner produce everything, from toys, to customer service, and from car chassis to license plates. And in the end these prisoners will be anyone and everyone they can point their finger at.
In closing I offer a couple quotes and reading as food for thought. Put it together my friends.
“To sin with silence when one should protest, makes cowards of men.” -Abraham Lincoln
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me -- and there was no one left to speak for me.
-Pastor Martin Niemoller (Holocaust Survivor)

Articles about the Private Prison Lobby:
Concerning the strength of the Lobby:
http://www.texasprisonbidness.org/tags/ ... ison-lobby
Concerning the Money and the Tyranny of Incarceration for Income:
https://www.npr.org/templates/story/sto ... =130833741
http://tucsoncitizen.com/cell-out-arizo ... yet-again/
http://www.colorlines.com/archives/2010 ... spect.html
With inclusions from the ACLU:
http://arizonaprisonwatch.blogspot.com/ ... rison.html
And if you need to see the new law(s):
It is 72 pages long but I would like to cite page 15 section “G” line 7. While the rest of the bill specifically notes that “employers” or “contractors” must report and are pursuant to the legislation note how this section allows the Private Prison Lobby to skirt employment of illegal immigrants:
(g) For the purposes of this section, the term
"official or head of an agency of this state" shall not
include a law enforcement officer or other personnel employed
in a jail who is acting within the line and scope of his or
her duty.
Basically stating that those working for the private prisons are excluded from reporting to the legislation.
You want proof of a Fascist government… There it is. Full PDF here:
And notice who helped pay for the bill please.
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Re: Fascist America

Postby Say_No_to_War » 14.06.2011, 21:44

wow this is sick.
Noone can call the USA to really be a constitutional state anymore...
more and more the USA becomes a police state.
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