League bug

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League bug

Postby Averof-G » 30.01.2014, 17:07

there is some games that no count kills,deaths,loots,etc like my game #2027! we've play for 82 minutes and we get only 9 points! and i think its cz of it not count the kills etc!
check it plz its not the only game that not count i have see many games with same bug! i had 15 kills its write 0!
and 1 more bug its about assists in game! we losing many assists last 1 month! i had a game that should get more than 15 assists and i get nothing!admiral.scott was at my team in that game you can ask for more details! and its only last 1 month it was good before!
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Re: League bug

Postby Say_No_to_War » 07.02.2014, 07:17

Sometimes the bot doesnt always manage to write all data into the database... The upcomming new version of the ghost will maybe bring progress in this.
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Re: League bug

Postby Hellfire29 » 19.02.2014, 03:21

I just had a similar bug, won the game, went 8-1, had about 7 or 8k loot and a number of assists, then the bot reads -180 loot and no assists and I lose points due to kicking someone.
Can you reduce the penalty for kicking maybe? -32 seems a little harsh
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