Bug on shore leave

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Bug on shore leave

Postby baboulinator » 18.10.2013, 02:58

Hey all

two days ago , i played a game ( soz i didnt saved it ) with lesbo , it was a 2v2 due to desync.

I took my sailor wihtout gh , to go get my 14k just after dsync ( so i didnt had gh) , and died on a mine with 650hp

Ennemys saw it , and a battle royal camped in harbour to try catch me at respawn

At the respawn moment , i used "shore leave" same time then BR cc me , and a bug appear : my captain gone out of ship , but my sailor died.

I obviously noticed that my captain was alive , but respawn timing for my ship were there

At the first respawn after this bug , my captain disappeared , i spawned in sailor but my 650hp ship was killable , even if the state "paused" were writen on my sailor

I waited 3rd respawn , and died again and again

Itryed use again "shore leave" at respawn , but captain didnt gone out of ship , and the BR was waiting me at every respawn , killing me with CC

I decided to try take a trader , for barri and try shore leave , but a red message said that cant change ship where "shore leave" activated

This game was so lame , because i couldnt do anything , until main harbour been killed , just look at my sailor dying while his state was "paused" at each respawn , my captain seems has left ship forever lol

Does this bug appeared to someone before me?

or is it an exceptionnal case?

I hope this will appear to nobody anymore

thx for reading
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Re: Bug on shore leave

Postby Wan.Taz » 25.10.2013, 14:27

It is known. Happens when an advanced miner places the minefield the second you shore leave too

Till now it has happened 3 times (including yours) and it should hopefully be fixed if/when next version comes out (problem being we have never seen it for real in a replay and recreating the bug has been inconclusive)
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