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Postby tinker » 16.04.2012, 13:39

Hi everyone,

I think spoof check is not working as it used to be. If you dont spoof check before each game your score is not calculated. Before i just needed to spoof check once a day or even once a week since my IP is same for a long time. In my last game #10918 my score wasnt calculated because of this. (Its good because i lost :)))

Another suggestion is that when someone initiates a kick i mistakely say yes because of hitting enter to chat at the same time even i would say no to the kick otherwise\ this happens a lot since when someone starts a kick people say something and enter chat at the same time. It would be useful to change this too.

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Re: Suggestion

Postby Say_No_to_War » 14.07.2012, 20:02

dunno about that auto-spoofcheck. cant enable it atm, its hard-coded deactivated as a result of the refresh-optimize.

other thing got fixed, kick buttons are replaced
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