Kicking AFK players in a 2 player team

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Kicking AFK players in a 2 player team

Postby Reiner.Zufall » 13.04.2012, 13:56

Hi, I've had a horribly bad game shortly ago. One newbe player went afk for about 40 minutes in game with only me left as other teammember. It was impossible to kick him even when he turned afk, since his autovote pevented me from kicking him in afk state. Please change that in future versions.

Later he came back for some reason and continued feeding 20+ deaths, of course I was not able in anyway to get him out of the game again. It would be great if the map would remove/disable players who show such a huge lack of common sense.

I also would suggest that scores are calculated by considering the time the players have stayed in game and their point value:
Team_Value = Stayrate(for this game) x Leaguepoints(player1) + Stayrate(for this game) x Leaguepoints(player2) + etc...

Edit: Both players from the south team have NEVER spoofchecked at any point in the league. I suspect intentional unfair playing from here on.
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