Battleships Crossfire X wishlist

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Battleships Crossfire X wishlist

Postby el-trickser » 04.03.2012, 11:16

As you guys know battleships is going to be a stand alone game so i thought it would be a good idea to post what people would like to have new in that game or what should change
maybe this can give the devs some ideas which they might have not thought about

so here are a few ideas from me

- it should be able to play the game offline, so you can play it with your friends on LAN partys
- with this it would be nice if teams could be up to 6 so that not only 8 or 10 people can play it, and would be nice to see some teamplay of 6 players :shock:
- i think it should also be possible to say that your ship doesnt attack, this would be helpfull when using smoke or when hiding
- i think the leavergold amount still need some changing
- an idea is to change the assist gold to something similar to battletanks, so that you get gold for the actual damage done
- another idea would be to change the amount of gold you get for a double, triple or even multikill to a percentage of the value of the ships
- as already been said, the shop range should be made bigger
- it would also be nice if you drop things, that they can be found easier, especially in base
- another nice thing would be if you can customize buttons for the effects, wood, net, etc yourself, so everyone can have them where they want

i have had some other ideas which i have forgotten

i hope a few people will use this chance to give the devs some ideas
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Re: Battleships Crossfire X wishlist

Postby Say_No_to_War » 21.03.2012, 16:35

:) the main forum is now online on
1. Yes the game will be playable offline, maybe we make even an AI for offline-training later.
2. the teams will be from 1v1 and even up to 32vs32 (on special maps).
3. yes, maybe we can add that too.
4. in which way? in 4.65 it will be modified for short mode.
5. yes this could be done, but how do they do it with the points? Also this would mean a complete change in the gobblin-balancing (but since we dont have a maxplayer-limit this will be possible)
6. well but only a relatively low value. it should not give a major bonus in gold for aoe damage, the bonus is the aoe damage itself. :)
7. shoprange in wc3 can not be bigger because it causes some bugs (e.g. a shop in range gives sight). yes we can do that.
8. I dont think dropping items will be needed at all
9. all hotkeys will be completely customizeable

I hope i didnt confuse any of the lines.
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Re: Battleships Crossfire X wishlist

Postby el-trickser » 21.03.2012, 19:59

well and really important is to do something vs campers
there are some guys who sit for more than one hour in their base IN SHORT MODE, not leaving it
in my opinion this is just anti game play and ruins every game and after all they tell you that you are the biggest camper which is just hilarious

as you already said say_, the poison aura would be good start, but not changing much i guess, as they can just sit in repair
maybe the harbor should only repair you after a special time, like after at least 1 min after you went in last
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Re: Battleships Crossfire X wishlist

Postby Burnin' ships » 21.03.2012, 22:43

I think the whole camping thing is a disagreement in play style.

I think the only form of camping that is bad is if both teams camp.
Then the game becomes unplayable, non-combat.

But normally, you CAN defend your base and really not be camping.
That's just playing with tactics rather than running around like a swarm of morons.

I usually play in pubs, and most of the time I usually take on a support role. Meaning, I don't necessarily go around as a slayer or an objective player. I play more of a role of protecting the people doing the killing. But if I have randoms who are difficult to play with I'll usually jump on it myself and try to defend.
The real problem is that the game provides no way for anyone to plan tactics before the game starts so either everyone rushes, or everyone camps.

If the whole team is camping that is useless, but its also useless if everyone dashes off in different directions, leaving the base undefended and spreading their forces all over the map where they can be picked off piecemeal. It's standard military strategy to concentrate your forces, and on BShips maps there's only two places that matter, the home harbors and the chosen route to the enemy base. That's where you concentrate your forces. Somebody "camping" near the base can cover the approaches to the base with medium/long range weapons, they don't need to actually go forward, where they will be outflanked and destroyed. It's also better that the defense force stays near the base so they can move quickly to cover other approaches if a threat appears from that direction. The attack force should move together, in a group, supporting each other (call it lemming play if you like, it makes no difference, it works) towards the enemy base

I would stay away from the word camping and instead use the word defending, because that's exactly what you're doing.
Preventing the other team from winning is just as important as winning itself..

Now, if I see someone on my team camping in some out-of-the-way area that will not help the team in any way, then I get angry.
But even players that don't camp normally will sometimes if they are close to a big killstreak or something, or farming xp.. so basically everyone has camped before it's part of the game....
But, people that categorically camp and hide under the guise that they are "defending" an objective if they don't MOSTLY ( probably 75% or more) win their games probably mean they really are just campers (but personally i think it's a pretty rare situation and trying to change it would turn this game into instagib.
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Re: Battleships Crossfire X wishlist

Postby el-trickser » 22.03.2012, 15:14

maybe an idea for the point system
is it possible to lose less points the more people of your team leave ( not kicked )
i think thats a big problem at the moment in qualify, because people just join and download the map to try it and when they die a few times they just leave
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Re: Battleships Crossfire X wishlist

Postby I-Iuzzl3 » 22.03.2012, 16:41

that's something i totally agree with;
and I also see many people that join qualify, hope to get in a team with their mate, and if they are in different teams both just leave at gamestart-> 3v3, next people are pissed up and leave->3v2 and so on
Next point I hate is that if you start votekick in a balanced game you lose like 20 points, but if you start votekick in a game vs noobs, you lose like 100 points for starting and voting yes
I dont think that's fair or that you could justify this by anything
At least in battleships crossfire X this should be changed, since i think it will not bechanged in wc3
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Re: Battleships Crossfire X wishlist

Postby el-trickser » 24.03.2012, 00:08

another idea for the point system is that its not only based on the points of the person, cause smurfs etc can make the averageoints not how it should be
so the idea is that the points are not only calculated of the average points but also of game length and mode
so if its short mode and the game goes for more than 90 mins its sure is a close game and the winner would get for example only get 15% is a bit less in my opinion
so maybe give more percent for special length for example
short mode and more than 80 mins +10%, short and more than 90 mins +15%... etc
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