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Postby WhatNow » 11.01.2012, 03:35

i tried joining the bships qualify but it sends me back to the chat channel page. im thinking that ive been banned for whatever reason. maybe b/c after i win or lose a game, i leave instead of waiting for it to completely finish and say "victorius" or "defeat". but anyway may i be unbanned so i can contiue playing.
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Re: banned?

Postby el-trickser » 11.01.2012, 14:03

qualify kicks after a special amount of wins or games (idk if it has been changed now, but it was 10 wins a few weeks ago)
that is probably the reason you get kicked by the game
as far as i know you wouldn't be able to join the game when you are banned
if you are qualified you can join league games ...if they will fill up nowadays ...
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Re: banned?

Postby CurssseOfTheSea » 15.01.2012, 20:06

spam = ban

Don't spam. That's all... :wink:

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