Version 4.64 changelog

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Version 4.64 changelog

Postby Say_No_to_War » 31.12.2011, 21:34

A new CF for a new year. Happy new year!

All Repairwoods can now be triggered over the "Escape" (esc) hotkey (especially for all laptop users); The Own Construction Ships are now cheaper as Amphibians at shipprice & lots of maximum value changes (new formular); New Own Construction Ship "Otter"; Own Construction Sailspeed Upgrade now 200 gold (was 100); Marauder Orb Explosion less AoE; Cog now with Absorb Hull; Puddle Skipper now 8 Levels (max 1100 dmg, 720 Range), Sea Punisher Life Drain hotkey now T; Cog - Seatang hotkey now E; Waterwaver +0,5 kts (now 13); Flame Ship now 3xFlame Cannon (was 1); Barque now 10,5 kts (was 11); Asian Onboard dmg reduced to max 160 (was 180); fixed a minor bug causing the South Empire to get kills displayed for crusades
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