4.63 Released!

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4.63 Released!

Postby Say_No_to_War » 19.11.2011, 22:39

Short Mode Bounty = 200% (was 175%); Assist: 25% dmg (was 33%); Added Chickengold*300 to leavergold (chickengold increases over time), leavergold for shipsale increased (value/2, was value/3); Shiplags reduced but maybe increased loadingtime; Own Construction Frozen Cannon now freezes: L1-5: 0.25s, 6-10: 0.5s, 11-20: 0,75s, 21-30: 1s (was 0.2,0.35,0.5,0.75s); Own Construction Frozen and Acid Cannon new AoE damage: 25, 100, 250, 500 (was 20, 50, 150, 500); Own Construction Acid Cannon AoE Slow now for: 1s, 2,5s, 5s, 7,5s (was 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s); Own Construction Schtoepsels Cannon Coolown now max 49s (was 35s) spintime now always 1s longer as stun (max still 5s but less on lower levels; on level 1: 1s stun, then 1s spinning); Own Construction Flamestrike Cooldown now max 45s (was 49), Pearl Pirate Crew: Max. number of ships now 16 (was 20), max duration 75s (was 100s); Galleon: Armor 10 (was 9), HP 5200 (was 5000); Ganja&Carrack&Man of War: Abolish Cooldown 60s (was 45); Troll Destroyer Seaquake delay to effect now 0,1s (was 0,5), Area 500 (was 450), Range 1500 (was 1200); Vicking&Schooner: Optimized Flare Cooldown now 30s (was 40s), duration 12s (was 15s); Maraude, AoE for laser hit on orb now increased; Shock Rifle: Range 2400 (was 1500); Submarines: Fleet Stopper now boosts speed for 5s (was 3), Advanced Repair Ship Ghost-Seaman-Crew now 10 HP/s (was 5); Bounty Swivel Gun casting time reduced by 50% (now 0,15-0,08s), cooldown min 53s (was 55s); Own Construction Silencer 1000 gold (was 600); Papaya Dealer: +1 kts (now 12), Pushing Winds: cooldown 30s (was 35), Speed Increase 50% (was 40%); Schooner: Sail Ripper Cannon slow now 7s (was 5s); Sea Shepherd Can Opener: Stun now 4s (was 5s), Required Level now 5 (was 1; for first levelup), Damage 2250 (was 2150); Carrack: Magnetic Shield Cooldown now 55s (was 62s); Marauder: Counter Admiral on Sea Damage now 300 (was 225); Doublejugger: Pinnace Collision Size 15; Juggernaut, Doublejugger: Advanced Sail Ripper now 1050 dmg (was 800); Battle Royale: Summer Winds +60% speed (was 40%), AoE 2000 (was 1450); Ship of the Line: Improved Captains Cannon Required Level 3 (was 5); Adv. Minelayer 12,5 kts (was 12); Minefield Cooldown now 45s (was 50s); Submarine (emerged): 30 HP/s regeneration (was 25); Advanced Submarine (emerged): 50 HP/s regeneration (was 40); Storm Wind 12 kts (was 11)
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