Request: balanced "shuffle"

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Request: balanced "shuffle"

Postby Jack_TheRipper » 18.09.2011, 19:16

Hey guys!
I enjoy playing BS Crossfire by every game so far, but somehow I am more and more often annoyed by shuffle. It is almost impossible to have a good balanced game because its way too random. I am aware of shuffle is RANDOM, but there is no fun to play 1hour+ and you know you have no chance of winning because of teammates who are still new to bships. Therefore I would like to ask you to establish a somekind of "shuffle" where north and south teams are being balanced. Criterias for the balance-formula of this kind of shuffle might be league points, k/d ratio etc.. Shuffle as it is now is less fun because you either are the one in a way too strong team (game is boring easy), or you are the one in the bad team (game is boring bc you die so often and loose anyway).

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Re: Request: balanced "shuffle"

Postby Say_No_to_War » 18.11.2011, 13:00

it has been widely discussed, but there is no real way to get a balanced shuffle... There is no coder for the ghost anymore and I cant give the source to anyone. So thats it I think. But if you lose in a team of noobs you lose less points and if you win with the noobs against pros you get alot more points as they would get if they would win.
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