BattleShips Crossfire AI

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BattleShips Crossfire AI

Postby Jet Li » 17.03.2009, 20:58

I like BattleShips Crossfire a lot and would like to get AI version. Does anybody know, if there is AI map and where to get it?
Jet Li

Re: BattleShips Crossfire AI

Postby Cpt.DaveyJones » 19.03.2009, 18:05

There is none.
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Re: BattleShips Crossfire AI

Postby joestotts » 08.02.2017, 15:09

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Re: BattleShips Crossfire AI

Postby The-Destroyer » 29.12.2017, 14:45

Hello. I think I am the only one professional world editor for Battleships now and I am also professional Battleships player for 1500 range weapons with 3k gold ship to the end of game. I am ranger. I used to defeats a lot of DACI players in Battleships. I just got back to play WC3 1 year ago, and I was in 2006 to 2010 playing Battleships Crossfire. I stopped playing WC3 because I love playing World of Warcraft. I started playing World of Warcraft in 2004 until now, and still playing, but in one year ago, I decided to play WC3 again too. I play WC3 and WOW now. Because I figured out that WC3 is still online. The Battleships game is still playing. But, I figured out that the maker of Battleships Crossfire and this website are actually gone when the year was 2013. He stopped updating the map of Battleships and this website. So. I decided to take a step in to own Battleships now and trying to bring Battleships legend back. I have been making my own new Battleships game, and calls it "Battle of Warships." I started working on it in 4 months ago now and still working. Also, I playing Battleships Crossfire CMD not game for testing the players and the map to find all the issues I am seeing. My name is The-Destroyer in WC3. It is my new name of WC3, but old name was Speed, Firebender, & Quik. There are many new things and many things changed, many things improved, many new weapons, many new models, all shops and towers, and buildings, will be changed to a new model. There will be 4 same game maps, but different team styles. It will be 5v5, 4v4, 3v3, and 2v2. For when I am done with my Battleships map, and protect it from World Editor, and then upload it to Hive and EpicWar, I will run 4 host bots like CMD or ENT host bots. Contact me by email at for the issues you are seeing in Battleships Crossfire.
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